Trial Flight FAQ's


Do I need any previous experience of flying for a trial flight?  Absolutely not, the aim of our trial flight is to give you an introduction to flight.  

I've already flown before, will I be able to fly myself?  Absolutely, even people with no experience can take the controls and feel the magic of flight.  Your instructor will take care of the critical phases of flight such as the take-off and landing.  Depending on your experience, you will be able to carry out all other manoveours.  

Do I need to bring anything to my trial flight? No, although we recommend wear comfortable clothes and bring a camera.

I've been bought a trial flight, what do I do now?  We look forward to welcoming you at AvAir Flight School, call the flight school to book your trial flight on: 0780 979622

I've been bought a trial flight but I'd like to upgrade the flight time, is this possible?  Sure, just let us know in advance when you book, the remaining fee can be payed on the day.  

Can I bring friends and family?  Yes, please feel free to bring up to two extra people to come and watch (from the ground).  

Will I have to talk to air traffic control?  No, your flight instructor will handle the radios during all phases of flight.  

Are there any medical conditions that will stop me from flying? It is unlikely but please call the flight school if you are concerned or have a question about a specific condition.  

Is there parking at Lyvden Airfield?  Yes, there is plenty of parking available at the airfield.   

Can I fly over my house?  It may be possible if you live in the surrounding areas or if the flight-time booked allows for this. 

If I really love flying, can I get a qualification from AvAir Flight School?  Absolutely, we offer the NPPL Qualification, click here or call for more information.