Learn to Fly - NPPL

National Private Pilots Licence with Microlight Rating


When you acheive this qualification, it will entitle you to fly microlight airfraft as pilot in command and to take a passenger.  You will need to complete at least 25 hours of flying instruction of which, 10 hours must be solo which includes two solo land away cross-country flights.  There are 5 exams to take: Air Law, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorlogy, Navigation and Aeroplane Technical.  When you are ready you will take a general flying test and if successful, you will have completed your training and be a qualified NPPL pilot.  The whole course is £3950 which includes 25 hours flying, 16 lessons of ground school and the five exams.  We will also include your flight log book.  If you require extra flying time or ground school, these will be priced at £132 and £30 per hour respectively.  The general flying test is an additional cost.   

You will complete your training in our Flight Design CT2K. The CT series is a family of high-wingtricycle undercarriage, two seat, ultralight and light-sport aircraft produced by Flight Design(Flightdesign Vertrieb) of Germany. Its very stable, and flies very much like a GA aircraft with a cruise speed of 129kts.  It features electronic flaps and is the perfect aircraft to train in.  

A syndicate/hire scheme is also available for qualified pilots.  Please call or email for details.